Welcome to the Professional Claimants’ Representative Association (PCRA) website!

PCRA is comprised of highly skilled professional licensed and government regulated asset recovery firms.

PCRA members provide financial and professional resources to assist owners with the recovery of assets held in safekeeping by government custodians.

Our members have decades of experience assisting people, companies, and government agencies in recovering their assets. PCRA members have represented more than 1 million clients and helped return well over 2 billion dollars.

Members provide notice to owners and heirs, manage the entire recovery process, gather the documentation required to support a claim and advance funds to pay for legal, genealogy and other professional services and acquire certified records when needed.

PCRA members are comprised of Attorney’s, CPA’s and Private Investigators all licensed and regulated by the government.

PCRA members do not request any upfront payment and only receive compensation for successful recoveries.

Mission Statement

PCRA member’s goal is to identify lost or hidden assets through exhaustive research, contact the owners of the assets or their beneficiaries, provide the professional, legal or genealogy resources necessary to facilitate the recovery and represent the asset owner in interactions with government or commercial entities holding the missing asset.