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2343 Hansen Court Suite 2
Tallahassee, FL 32301

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Monday – Friday, 10AM – 3PM EST

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Toll Free: 800.763.9006
Office Number: 850.216.2678

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Harris, Eckland & Associates

Unclaimed Property • Tallahassee, Florida

Harris, Eckland & Associates is a private investigative research agency that specializes in recovering lost and unclaimed property. Our goal is to locate, inform, and assist individuals, corporations, and beneficiaries of estates in recovering their unclaimed assets. We are licensed through the State of Florida – Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau of North Florida. Harris, Eckland & Associates has been in business since 1994 and has returned more than $100,000,000 for more than 90,000 clients.

Our firm uses the best data sources available to locate unclaimed property owners. We have unique sources that give us the ability to locate possible relatives and/or associates. Once we obtain the potential clients current information, we send a letter explaining our business, our intentions and your options. Our letters are mailed with a checklist for your convenience. With the majority of accounts, you can claim your property without ever contacting our firm.

We understand that it can be difficult to provide proof of a previous address. Or, that you just do not want to give out personal information. With HEA, you don’t have to. Our data sources allow us to provide this documentation for you. This is one more advantage of using our service.

There is absolutely no out-of-pocket cost to our clients. Our fee for processing your claim is deducted from the recovered funds. Therefore, if we are unsuccessful in recovering your funds, there is no fee. We will never ask you for money.

The claim process can be difficult. Let us help eliminate red tape and make the process an easy one. Let us deal with government agencies, while you conduct your everyday business. We will ensure that your claim is complete before sending it to the government for payment. You will receive the benefit of our experience and expertise.

There are three types of accounts

  • Individual Accounts – If you received a letter stating that there are funds owed to you, then your funds are listed as an Individual Account. In order to process and Individual Account, please sign and date the contract and make a photocopy of your current driver’s license or state/government issued ID card.
  • Business Accounts – If you received a letter regarding your current or previously owned company, your funds are listed as a Business Account. In order to process a business account, the contract must be signed by an officer listed on the most recent annual report. If your company is no longer in business, you must provide a photocopy of your current driver’s license or state/government issued ID card.
  • Deceased Accounts – If you received a letter regarding a deceased relative, the funds in question are listed as a Deceased Account. Please contact our office toll-free at 800-763-9006. One of our associates will help you determine who qualifies as a beneficiary what documents are needed.